Action-packed training camp in Calpe

As in previous years before Christmas time, we met with the team in Calpe, Spain. Preparation for the upcoming season is in full swing. And not just the physical one. Professional sport is also about sponsors. And the opening days of the training camp were mainly devoted to them. Shooting, filming, interviews. I have to say I do not envy models.

It is one of the few times when training is not a major priority for us, but we must squeeze it among other activities. The first five days we had practically no free time. Around eight o'clock morning it began and we finished with evening lectures around the tenth. Sometimes even eleven. We have two new sponsors, and you could tell it. In addition to posing with fruit (Lidl), mattresses (Latexco) and parquet floors (Quick-Step) this year, Deceuninck windows and non-alcoholic beer Maes 0,0 were added.

Further, there were medical examinations on the program. Hearth echography, 24-hour ECG, blood tests, vision examination, spirometry, skin check. They've really checked us thoroughly.

In addition to new jerseys, we also got new bikes. Three of them. Santa Claus comes to us a few days earlier. At the races, we will have both the universal Tarmac and the aerodynamic Venge. Depending on the stage type, we can choose. Both bikes are on disc brakes. I love it! I am very excited about the new bikes.

In spite of all our activities, we managed to clock in 20 hours on the bike last week. And in the last three days, we added another 14. For my back, it was quite a stress test. Until now, I've always combined the bike with other activities. And most importantly, the intensity of the training was much higher. Sometimes it even turned to a race.

I have managed the training volume perfectly, but I still feel that I have reserves at high intensities. Anyway, it's a great way to move on. I will certainly suffer in the first races, but I can not wait any longer to step on the start line again.

I will spend the Christmas day with my family in Prague. I hope that I will be able to go cross country skiing before. After ten days in sunny and warm Spain, I really miss the snow and the Christmas atmosphere. I wish you all beautiful holidays!

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